This website is for all residents of All Saints. It should help you by giving you information about the housing services provided on your estate. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the All Saints Cooperative’s Office on: 0207 627 8600.

All Saints Co-operative

About All Saints

All Saints Co-operative is located near Chelsea Bridge and the Battersea Park Road. It is close to the River Thames and all amenities of the main street. It is very central and well served by bus routes mainline train services Battersea Park and Queenstown Road Rail. Battersea is seen as a desirable place to live and is a mixed area in terms of private houses, private apartment blocks and housing estates.
All Saints Co-operative estate which was built by Wandsworth Council in 1977, is made up of a 6 storey high block and two terraces of houses, the estate is located adjacent to the All Saints Church and opposite to the Battersea Park Lake which makes the estate a very nice place to live. There are 38 flats and 16 Houses. All dwellings are covered by an Entry Call service the whole estate is covered by a 24 hour recording CCTV system making it a safe place to live.