Council Tenant

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New Council Tenants

All Saints Board members hope to have introductory meetings with all new tenants to tell them about All Saints and the services we provide. When you signed the Tenancy Agreement, you will have been informed of the start date of your tenancy. This is the date you become the legal tenant. From this date you are responsible for the property and for payment of rent. You are responsible for arranging the connection of electricity, gas and water to your home. You should give the gas and electricity companies as much notice as possible of your moving in date. London Electricity usually requires at least 3 days notice to connect your supply.

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Paying your rent

The All Saints office will issue you with a paying-in book, which you must use to pay your rent. You will be advised exactly which dates you should pay your rent. Rent can be paid at all branches of Barclays Bank. The nearest branch is located on 278 Queenstown Road, Clapham.

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Waiting lists

London Borough of Wandsworth nominates prospective tenants to the Co-op. The Co-operative operates a separate waiting list for one and two bedroom flats. Those who are on the waiting list may have to wait some time before being offered accommodation, and there is no guarantee that we can re-house all those on our waiting list.
Waiting lists are reviewed every six months to check that the prospective tenants are still interested in being offered accommodation at All Saints Estate and that their circumstances have not changed.
When new applicants are needed we request nominations from the Council.

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Who can apply?

To be considered for a flat in All Saints Estate, an applicant must be registered on Wandsworth Council’s waiting list and must be nominated to the Co-operative by the Council. We cannot accept direct applications onto our waiting list.

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How to apply

When the Council nominates an applicant to us we will normally contact the person nominated within 14 days and invite them to attend an interview at the Co-operative’s offices. We will be happy to visit the nominee at their home if they are unable to attend an interview at our offices (e.g. if they are disabled or housebound). The information given to the Co-operative by the Council on each nomination will not be detailed. This is because the Council has assessed the housing need and circumstances of each applicant. It is not the Co-operative’s responsibility to do this. Instead we aim to:

  • Confirm the details supplied to us are correct and that there are no change of circumstances.
  • Give information to the nominee regarding the Co-operative and what it means to be a Co-operative member.
  • Provide other information about “All Saints Estate” and local amenities.

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How applicants are considered

Each nominee will be interviewed and an interview form completed. This information will go to the Allocation Sub-Committee who will check the information is correct, admit the applicant to our waiting list. The information given at any interview will be treated in strict confidence. Only members of the Allocations Sub-Committee will see it. Any attempt to unfairly influence an application will disqualify the applicant and they will be passed back to the Council.

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The reasons for not accepting a nomination are:


  • The information contained in the initial nomination form from the Council is incorrect and the circumstances of the applicant have changed to such a degree that they are no longer suitable for the properties available. For example, if there are more persons which would result in overcrowding.
  • The applicant did not want to live in Wimbledon Estate or the area.
  • The Allocation Sub-committee considers every application. Any committee member who has an interest in the nomination, such as a friend or relative of the applicant, withdraws from the meeting and takes no part in the proceedings.

Once a decision has been made, letter of either Acceptance or Rejection notifies the applicant – this letter explains why the Co-operative is unable to accept the nomination. There is a right to appeal, which will involve a representative from the Council.